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recorded & mixed by John Zebley
additional engineering by Kevin Billingslea
all songs written and produced by Arms Against A Sea


released August 10, 2011

Arms Against A Sea is:

Dustin Saucier - lead vocals
John Zebley - Guitar & vocals
Matt Lavoie - Bass
Dan Rossi - Guitar
Alex Klemanski - Drums

additional vocals on Feel Good and Central Park pt II by Ashley Brewer



all rights reserved


Arms Against A Sea Portland, Maine

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Track Name: Central Park
Quiet! Now is not the time for subtleties
The air is thick with the stench of uncertainty
Come with me now to central park
We'll watch the skyline as it melts into the sun

and for all i know I could be searching on and on
trying to find something intangible
Your fading eyes and awkward smile
as my hands slowly slip away

But if i should decide to lose it all, you know I'll throw it all away
just to find all this time I was the only one who's been giving up slowly
But we must fight for what we love

But for all I know, I could be searching on and on
trying to find something intangible
Your fading eyes and awkward smile
as my hands slowly slip away
and ive wasted so much time here
only to find out
I already have what I need

I watch as the insipid sky opens up, swallowing us whole
and I feel my hands cracking to the fingertips
and I slow down to make sense of all of this
and my eyes they look for a sign
but my hands are always moving like the turning gears of time

But if we stay, if we choose to fight
you know we've always found a way to make it out alright
and to the ones we loved, we're sorry but we had to go
cause all we want isn't always what we have
and what we have is who we are
Track Name: Feel Good
As I stand with my mouth wide open
air only retiring from my lips
my words escaping from the alleyways of my subconcious

sliping aimlessly, light puring unto my cold pale skin
oh what euphony morning has brought in upon us but I resign
everything i am all of the world seems to speak for me
I try to circumvent but the noises are deafening

So I can say now my time has come to decide
what's wrong and right without questioning why
I would hide behind this disguise all my life

If I had it my way I sever these ties, disconnect all the contact
but this time I went let you in too far and given it all back
but for one I should be the only one
content with who I am and what I want to be
not for you to decide

never again will I be so close to understand
the frailty of human life, the complexity of giving
Track Name: The Light Bestowed Upon Us
Ive got a plan, where we give up everything we ever held dear to us
Just to make a point that once we're gone theres nothing left to give

What makes a man so resiliant to resist others aid
If our lives have a deeper meaning tell me have I been meaning all I've done

Well what is the right way anyway? Tell me is there a right way anyway?

So they've conjured the rules and dictated how things should be
but the most important things learned are the ones that our fathers have taught us:
Don't take advantage of the weak and helpless,
Find a way to carry on,
Find a way to love and let go

But me and my father, we talked about life and death
If my life has another meaning to what Ive done I retract it
Oh my god, I feel so alone in this
But if I only knew it better, Id know that everyones been there before

Oh and this light bestowed upon us all, feels more like a burden to heavy to carry
So I toss and turn in the saddest of dances only to find no, not one resolution

only time will heal what I've cursed
But your singing this song to me,
and somehow it's bringing peace
and showing me there's so much more to life than this

So me and my father talked about life and death
If there has been a deeper meaning, then ive been meaning to find it all along
Oh my god, I feel so alone in this
But if I only knew it better I'd know I my had taught me this before

Father, what have you taught me?
Track Name: Old Man
someone please tell me the path of least resistance
should I take the high or low road? what's the difference?
black and white are the only roads I've traveled on
but the greys will fill in as I reach my final dawn

and what will suffice
the time I spent being a kindred soul
well as I age I've become a nuisance to the ones I consoled

It's just a matter of time until time itself runs out on me
I've been waiting for so long, I've been trying to believe
that everything is fine, but I've done is waste my time

so I will teeter on and fathom this temptation
cause I've established myself In this awkward fascination
where I sit and mope about a past now lost,
a future that is dismal, when I should just focus on the now

It so easy to see what we could not believe
only the oldest men know the truth, only time will tell
Track Name: Our Roots Buried
To my future self,
Im sorry for what Ive done, for harm I have caused to you.
In time you'll see that I only meant to help bring truth
to the times we could've controlled

But you said that we could find solace in the simple things
and all i can remember is how it used to be;
but now that seems to be a fleeting feeling

I used to think I knew everything but now I've found out I've known nothing all along
with our roots buried deep into this soil, who is left to sing our song?
Won't you sing along?

But we could fight the sickness, the disease, the poverty; it was so simple to conceive
But now we just feel so out of touch
our timing was everything

Hold on now, you're not giving up til' im giving up
but im giving up.
Track Name: Central Park pt. II
Feel the sun, the very essence of the earth's warth
kissing my skin, bringing me forth
release me into the air,
into a world where I can be as one
all this time I've been searching for what I already have

I don't need these things
and know that I'm better this
and now I'm free

all this time we've been searching for
all the things that make us we are
all this time we've been searching for
what we already have